Off to Cause Trouble


When 60 members of your family invade a state park for three days, you do whatever you can to keep Grandma Ray sane.

With relatives all over the country asking for an itinerary and things to do and costs, Grandma Ray was on the brink weeks before the reunion even began. To quell her annoyance—“I'm 68 years old and can Google, why can't the 40 year olds?”—and reduce risk of a stroke—“Grandma, tell me if you smell toast!”—I decided to hack out flyers that explained the event in great detail.

Once Grandma Ray was placated, the best part of this adventure turned out to be the t-shirts. I designed and posted the CustomInk group order form to our Facebook event.

After selling 30 additional t-shirts over the estimate, I made a $70 refund and used it to purchase five Idaho-themed raffle prizes. I sold raffle tickets during the weekend, and we raised $150 overall for my favorite non-profit, One Nation Walking Together.

After I told my Poppy that the money was going to a non-profit, I got to watch him brag with superiority to the old folks, “See, (Name Removed)? My grand kids are political.” Even though (Name Removed) didn't care and he only donated because of peer pressure.

Non-Profit: One Nation Walking Together
T-Shirts: CustomInk
Photography: Jennifer Lacy and Amanda Coburn