Doctrin: The Deep


Doctrin came to me with moody tracks and a love of 80’s key art.

We set out to convey the deep emotion and explosive power of her genre-fluid alternative music.

It was exciting to retouch this image and it take from the mundane to the liminal space her lyrics created. Not wanting to resort to some typeface I found online, I tested different pens, paint brushes, and markers to get the lettering just right. Laying out the formal CD tray and four page booklet was a great spatial challenge.

The best aspect of this project was collaborating with Dolly herself. I love working with artists who know themselves and have a clear vision of what they want to give the world. Dolly's intensity and passion made this a joyful process. Her feedback pushed me to deliver the best product that I was capable.

I dreamed of this kind of project since eight year old Amanda stared at No Doubt's “Tragic Kingdom” and thought, “someone had to make that. Why can't it be me?”

Press: Brutal Resonance
Photography: Mansoor Anwar


“Let the tide come
Let the river run
Babe, I'll swim just fine
I guess you didn’t know
I’m a water sign”


“But loving you is like loving a sin
I’ve been told
That loving you is sick
Loving you is cold”


“We’re cruising but we’re looking for a fight
Wasted but we’re doing fine
Into the wild
Under the moonlight”


“Keep your secrets underneath
The sins you hide between your sheets
The truth that you think no one sees
Wouldn’t you just rather be free”

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