Honey, Put Your Weapons Down


“I just don’t think love should feel like war.”

After I received the raw cover image from Lucy of Lucy & La Mer, I listened to the live acoustic version of this song on repeat for about an hour. The air in this song feels so heavy. These lyrics are so honest and bare that as a listener, I feel like I'm not just in the conversation but the speaker's thoughts. With that in mind, a dark boundary was added to contain the scene, giving me the viewer distance, and focusing on Lucy's body language.

All I could see was violet so I experimented with toning the image. In color theory terms, violet strikes very deep emotions equally mixed from blue (sadness, depth, trust) and red (passion, love, longing). It's a secondary color mixed from two like this relationship is a meeting of two individuals.

The typographic mix creates an organic, emotional, human touch for balancing the sharp, strong, geometric of the rest of the title. This disconnection references the personalities of the people in this relationship, and the neutrality of the lyric, "I just don't think love is wrong or right."

I played with the hierarchy so the title presents first, followed by the body language, followed by the logo. This was intentional to introduce the song, strike the match of emotion that's palpable here, then reveal the name of the band.

PHOTOGRAPHY  |  Myke Wilken



Honey Remixes


Lucy asked me to alter the artwork to feature each artist who remixed her single. She requested a rainbow of colors to give each its own identity.

I pushed the disconnection and tension concepts and wanted to visually represent a third personality in each of these singles. I grabbed my bristol board, tore it, and experimented with photographing the tears. Thinking of old mix tapes, I messily wrote the artists' names in an old marker and scanned them.

Once approved, an animated gif was created to announce the remixes via social media.

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