Bold Users Conference


Each year, Bold Technologies hosts a conference for their software users to network, train, give feedback, and meet staff.

The event generates $140k in revenue and draws 225 international attendees with 13 corporate sponsors. The location rotates between Colorado Springs, Colorado; Denver, Colorado; and a city out of state. Since it is held in a different venue each year, a new brand identity is created from scratch to reflect the location.

Deliverables include a logo; defined color palette; landing page images; smartphone app icons, banners, and splash pages; email newsletter images; promotional products; physical banners; and t-shirts for users and staff. Other items may include promotional postcards, drink tickets, as well as print and digital ads in industry publications and websites.



Denver 2017


The 2017 conference was held at the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa in Denver, Colorado. Founded and operated since 1892, it's an elegant space and beloved hallmark in the city. Host to Presidents and tourists alike, this presented the opportunity for minimal yet decorative design.

Bold's warm gray neutrals and dark burgundy starred for this event. Patterns were built and based off of the hotel's wallpaper and carpet. A script typeface was selected to combine with the standard sans. 

VIDEO  |  Alice Coles



Albuquerque 2018


The 2018 conference will be held at the Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since this venue is in the Old Town district of artisans and shops, it felt appropriate to make this identity festive and wholly unique.

It was fun to come up with the “We'll see you in ABQ” tagline that wasn't so serious and spoke to the relaxed and friendly personality of the location.

I had a blast creating a logo that referenced both the B of Bold and the 18 of 2018. From the logo work, I engineered a new typeface for the display titles—something I haven't done before. A turquoise was introduced to combine with the brightest shades of our branded red and gold. The warm gray neutral is used sparingly while a clean white allows the vibrant colors to shine.